Glucosenz User Experience Roadshow

October 13, 2020

Genuine feedback from the medical community as well as from the public is essential towards developing a quality and cut above medical device.

Since August, Glucosenz has conducted Glucosenz User Experience Roadshows at several strategic locations to introduce the Glucosenz technology to the public as well as to gather qualitative feedback from users.

List of locations for the first Phase of Glucosenz User Experience Roadshow from August - September

At these events, the public were given the opportunity to check their blood glucose level using a desktop model of Glucosenz. To most of them, using Glucosenz proved to be a simple and painless procedure. The Glucosenz team recorded several interests regarding the availability of the medical equipment in the market.

All events adhered to the standard operating procedures of COVID-19. However, with the recent developments of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, other planned venues have been postponed to a later date.

Users’ / caregivers’ testimonials recorded during the Glucosenz User Experience Roadshow