About Glucosenz

Glucosenz is the future of blood glucose screening

The evolution of commercialised blood glucose monitoring device technology has not changed much since the last ground breaking innovation of the blood glucose test strip over fifty years ago. Glucosenz was innovated in response to several concerns regarding the monitoring of glucose levels in the blood—among them are patients’ fear of pain or blood, data management and cost of consumables.

This device has no reagent for blood analysis to screen blood glucose level as it uses near infrared (NIR) lightsource technology. It has the capabability to detect, analyse and calculate blood glucose level from the blood capillaries of the human thumb without piercing the skin. This allows for a faster and pain free method highly beneficial especially for sensitive patients such as the elderly and children.

The anticipated blood glucose data management

When an innovation strives to resolve a problem, value is created. Glucosenz platforms are supported by four core technologies that enable the device to be at the forefront of screening devices for diabetes specifically and obesity in general.

Lots of Benefits

no blood test strips
no lancets
no alcohol wipes
cost effective
high accuracy
uses no consumables at all
fast and simple to operate